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Celebrating Visionary and Prescient Futurism

Alvin Toffler, the celebrated author of ‘Future Shock’, died on 27 June at age 87. In 1970, Toffler’s book was hailed as ‘brilliant’ and ‘explosive’. Half a century and dozens of major technological paradigm shifts later, the accuracy and predictive power of his work is still without equal. Toffler largely defined ‘futurism.’

Technology, Toffler deduced from his extensive research, could be humankind’s most liberating gift or the most powerful source of mass destruction. Toffler foresaw the oncoming knowledge economy in which Information is the most valuable commodity and the primary source of capital, which accurately describes the rise of today’s largest fortune makers — the internet and mobile giants. Toffler also offered the earliest and most empirically sound acceleration theory in modern history, recognising technology’s increasing rate of change as the most disruptive force on society.

To celebrate Toffler’s extraordinary work, Sapience Project is planning to offer the Toffler Foresight Award, the format of which is currently being discussed with Toffler’s estate. Seeking to encourage others to take on Alvin Toffler’s mantle, the award will be presented to an individual whose ground-breaking work, like Toffler’s, made major contributed to the understanding of the disruptive impact of technologically-driven change.

Finalists will be invited to the Award Ceremony, during which the winner will be presented with a monetary prize.

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Tony Willson, Head of Marketing at Sapience Project said: “Toffler made his predictions 45 years ago and it important both to recognise how prescient he was but, in doing so, encourage new thinking. We look to partner with corporations or individuals who want to be associated with a forward-looking approach to intelligent and disruptive computing.”

Dr Amnon H. Eden, the thinktank’s Principal said: “Alvin Toffler’s observations, made almost half a century ago, have proven insightful and accurate. This Award seeks to recognise and encourage present day futurists to carry on the work so that Governments, policy makers, and world leaders have a better informed view of what could be society’s greatest opportunity or spell its demise.”

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